Privacy Not Guaranteed; Snippets from Pilot Butte

1.20 (50)Here in the middle of Bend is a state park called Pilot Butte. It offers a 2-mile round trip hike that many locals use daily for exercise, including myself. While I listen to the wind and the birds, I also overhear snippets of conversations from groups of people walking together. I often wonder what the sentence before was or what the next comment would have been, but in my brief passing I only hear tiny pieces of each statement. It occurred to me to write them down, so here is my first edition of Privacy Not Guaranteed; Snippets from Pilot Butte.

April 1st – April 19th

“So it was like midnight and all of the kids were asleep…”

“And there were the people there from the city council!”

“That’s just my brother-in-law; he just takes off his drawers and sits down.”

“And I was like; I didn’t know I was going to be surrounded by so many important people.”

“But after a while the kid kept coming in and out, turning the light on and off…”

“You’ve got to close the bag. You have to look spiffed up.”

“And so Kathy was talking to the guy on the phone…”

“I didn’t think it was Hillsboro, but it must have been Hillsboro.”

“I thought it was interesting when the poor artist said: oh I would have made it nice.”

“But I just kept at it.”

“…those things are easy to misplace.”

“They will have to fix the window because now we can see across the street.”

“Aww, look! A friend for you!”

“Well who do you think I got that from Daaaaaad?!”

*Consider yourself warned, or perhaps lucky, one day your very own Pilot Butte conversations could land in an edition Privacy Not Guaranteed; Snippets from Pilot Butte.





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