Go Donuts; GO!

Doughnuts are making a comeback, though for me they never left. With golden fried crust, sweet glaze and yeasty centers, I am not sure what there isn’t to like about doughnuts. Recently the local newspaper described the onslaught of doughnut shops opening in Bend. Sounds good to me!

Down the street is the newest member to the doughnut club. Go Donuts occupies an old pizza store on the corner of a fairly busy intersection. On a Saturday morning  I ran passed the new shop and caught a nice deep breath of the fried delights. That was my undoing. I ran home, showered and convinced the whole family that we must patronize our new neighbors. We walked there in hopes of cancelling out some the calories.

Go Donuts is moderately small in size but amazing in flavor! The shop offers a few seats for people who want to sit down and enjoy their treats on site. We ordered ours to go since we had a baseball game to get to. Bradley and I decided on a “split-and-trade”, my com4.19 (9)mon tactic for when I want to try more than one item. We got a maple bar and a raspberry filled powdered doughnut. The kids, being 5 and 7, are still attracted to colorful sprinkles so they each ordered a round cake doughnut with varying colors of frosting and sprinkles.

The shop is owned and operated by a husband and wife team. My son, having some understanding of bakers getting up early to create their breads, asked the wife who was manning the counter what time she got up to make doughnuts. She told him that she gets up at about 2:00am and that her husband gets up around midnight to start making their creations.  They are working hard at Go Donuts, there is no doubt. It was our pleasure to meet them.4.19 (13)

But back to the doughnuts. We walked home and promptly sat down to try our goodies. The maple bar was perfect. The maple glaze was delicious in flavor and perfectly proportioned to the bread itself. The powdered doughnut was just as good with its raspberry filling. The inside was sweet and yeasty, warm and wonderfully fried. I am lucky to have a husband that goes along with my need to split-and-trade! The kids were a sticky, sugary mess when they were done, which seems to be sufficient evidence that they enjoyed their treats just as much as we enjoyed ours.

Go Donuts certainly has a good grasp on what makes a great doughnut. With their proximity to our house the smell of their creations is frequent on our outings. I imagine that there will be numerous times when the smell draws us in. I’m kind of hoping it is sooner than later!

UPDATE: Sad to say that this lovely little joint closed its doors in Autumn 2014. Sad to see you go!

755 NE Greenwood Avenue Bend OR  97701 Monday – Saturday 6am to 3pm




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