A Mothers Day Tribute to my Husband


Mothers Day; the day where mothers everywhere are celebrated. I appreciate the kind words and gratitude from my children about my job as their mother, but I also feel the need to share the spotlight. So here is my Mothers Day Tribute to the one who deserves equal credit. My husband.
My husband loves our kids with out condition. He nurtures them when they are in need. He gets up with them when they are sick in the middle of the night. He prays for them each evening and greets them with hugs each morning. He loves me, their3.1 (10) mother, and shows our kids how a kindhearted husband treats his wife. He takes time for his own pursuits, teaching them that a happy life is a balanced one. My husband takes the time to love his family. He is home for dinner and there at baseball games and ballet practice. He supports me and helps me in this difficult world of motherhood.
My children are half me and half him, but truly they are their own people. They will grow up and make their own way in this world. They are lucky to have him as an example. And I am lucky to have him as a husband. His sincerity has taught me how to be sincere. His compassion is showing me how to be compassionate. His grace demonstrates a character that I want within myself.
I know that fathers have their own day to be celebrated, but on this day I want to express my gratitude for his help in my journey of motherhood. So as strange as it may sound, Happy Mothers Day to you, my husband. With out you, I would not be the mother that I am.


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