A Mothers Day Tribute to my Children

As far as I’m concerned, the best gift for Mothers Day is motherhood itself. It seems to me that the children don’t get enough credit in the world of mothering. Without them, after all, not only would I not be a mother, I wouldn’t be the woman I am either. So this year I dedicate Mothers Day to my children.

  • Thank you, Sweet Children, for your painful and tiresome births. With out those experiences I would not know the power of my own physical strength.
  • Thank you for your vigorous nursing; you showed me what my body was created for.
  • Thank you for screaming in the night. Those lamplight hours were when I bonded with you.
  • Thank you for helplessness; with out your infant needs I wouldn’t know the responsibility of being fully depended upon.
  • Thank you (reluctantly) for the terrible twos; I now know that it was the beginning of your own journey apart from me.
  • Thank you, my Babes, for your unconditional love. You showed me love when I showed you impatience.10.23 (64)
  • Thank you for making my husband into a Dad. You opened a door of tenderness in him that I wouldn’t have witnessed otherwise.
  • Thank you for turning my parents into Grandparents. Your very life has created a relationship between me and them that adds such pleasure to all of us.
  • Thank you, Little Angles, for your firsts. You demonstrate bravery when I am unsure of my own courage.
  • Thank you for forgiving the moments when I didn’t come through for you. You have taught me that just because I was disinterested one time that I get a chance to prove myself the next.
  • Thank you, Son, for still holding my hand. It is important to me that the “little” is still in my little boy.
  • Thank you, Daughter, for your femininity. You’ve proved to me that it is inherent and that expressing it within myself feels natural and free.
  • Thank you, Kidlets, for your curiosity. Your questions have made me smarter and more inquisitive.
  • Thank you for your playfulness. You have taken times of grief and transformed them into glimpses of new life.
  • Thank you for your sensitivity. I have learned from you that it is ok to hurt and cry.
  • Thank you, also, for your moments of childish insensitivity. You have shown me that the world does not revolve around my problems.
  • Thank you for the times when you chose not to mind. This reminds me that I have a responsibility to raise you up into respectful and joyful adults.
  • Thank you for your imaginations. You’ve unleashed my own hidden pursuits.

You are, my Pumpkins, the light of my life. You have given me the gift of motherhood.  My job to raise you is conveniently disguised behind the reality of my own transformation. My love for you is eternal.


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