Privacy Not Guaranteed; Snippets from Pilot Butte

Walking along the dusty paths of Pilot Butte each morning, I hear tiny tidbits of conversations from those nearby walking in pairs or groups. I usually only hear fractions of sentences or expressions, but sometimes they are just too good not to write down. So here I’ve compiled them for your eavesdropping pleasure.

“He lifts up the toilet seat but just tinkles all over.”

“It was between 12:45 and 3:00…”

“I am excited to be excited with them!”

“…but then he might piddle.”

“I think its more to the right; that is Pine Mountain over there.”

“Is that the pseudo mission?”

“….so you won’t be full time that term?”5.19.11 (3)

“It was just what he did!”

“We’ll teach him how to play pinochle.”

“…but you know how girls are, they always want what the other girl has.”

“That is SOME STEAM!”

“Until they came out with…”

“So when is the dentist appointment?”

“She just keeps getting all of this stuff so I asked her…”


Don’t you just wish you could have heard the rest of that line? Me too. As always, it is at this point that I give fair warning to you, my fellow Pilot Butte fans, your very own conversation could one day land a spot here on this blog. Keep those snippets coming!



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