The Row- A Surprising Bistro on the Hill

The Row 6.14 (4)Bend is a hotspot for foodies. So when my folks were looking for a place to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary together with us on a double date, I set forth to find some great cuisine. Breweries, our go-to, just didn’t seem to match the caliber of celebration that we were looking for. Whereas there are many downtown restaurants that do meet this guideline; their prices are steep. So I turned to my brother-in-law, the chef, for a great recommendation. Let me just tell you, he delivered.

The Row at Tetherow is quite the place. Overlooking the golf course which is situated in front of a snow-capped mountainous horizon, the Row has a lovely view. It is a smaller bistro, and though reservations aren’t a must, I can easily see this place filling up. That said, the tables are spread out nicely; it never felt crowded, even when it was. There is a bar, with an impressive liquor wall, at which you can sit and take in whatever sports are happening live on a big screen TV. We optThe Row 6.14 (8)ed for a table for four next to the huge  windows overlooking the course. Our waiter was one of the best I’ve ever had. Friendly mixed with knowledge, available when needed, delightfully absent when all was well. My mom ordered her standard Red, my husband his standard Brew, my step-dad, not wanting to risk his standard booze-induced sleepiness, went with lemonade, and I choose a lemon-ginger mixed drink off of the cocktail menu. It was delicious. And dangerous, so I stopped at one.

The menu is extensive. There are choices ranging from small plates, burgers and sandwiches, flatbreads and mildly intimidating choices that I can’t even pronounce. Bradley, the all-American man that he is, went for his favorite ever meal of a cheeseburger and fries. My step-dad went with the cleverly named Bangers and Mash. My hats off to you if you knoThe Row 6.14 (5)w what Bangers are, I didn’t but it turns out that they are sausages served alongside, you guessed it, mashed Yukon Gold potatoes. My mom selected the French Dip, but couldn’t resist the temptation to taste test their house made Kimchee, a Korean fermented cabbage side dish, kind of like sauerkraut, but as I found out when she let me taste her graciously delivered Kimchee sample, much better.

I chose the fish tacos. Cod, fried in panko and small bits of cornmeal, was deliciously flaky and light. Wrapped in warm flour tortillas on a bed of fresh cool vegetable slaw and feta cheese, topped with a spicy mayonnaise sauce, the tacos were warm and comfortable and completely satisfying. Sadly, I no longer see them on theThe Row 6.14 (2)ir online menu, which I am really hoping is some sort of error.

Even if it isn’t an error, I will be returning to this freshly found bistro. It is a great place for a date or a double date as the case may be. It isn’t as formal as Tetherow’s other restaurant, Tetherow Grill, which strikes my fancy just perfectly fine. I was never one for the formality of golf and all that goes along with that sport, so the crisply laid back atmosphere in the The Row is wonderfully suited for my style. Give it a go; I think you’ll also be surprisingly smitten by this little bistro on the hill.

61240 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend, OR 97702

(541) 388-2582


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