The Crumpet Shop; Seattle

6.28 (7)Quickly passing through Seattle (which is a tragedy of its own, I LOVE Seattle!) we made a 30-minute stop at Pike Place Market. The memory of perfectly-toasted, freshly-made crumpets was beckoning me from the interstate. We were lucky enough to find a 30-minute parking spot right on the corner of Pike and 1st Avenue, so as soon as we placed our parking meter receipt on the window, we scrambled to show the children the highlights of the market. Our first stop was Seattle’s famous Market Theatre Gum Wall (gross, but worth seeing), next was the fish mongers throwing fish in attempts to not only make quick work out of sellinCrumpetShop 6.28 (3)g fish but also to wow the crowd (they do!), then on to pet Rachel the Pig (a bronze statue that also serves a piggy bank to support the market). Lastly, but most importantly, we hit up The Crumpet Shop. We ordered, we collected, we left. We got back to our car with four to-go containers and eight minutes left on our meter. (We. Are. Awesome!)

This place holds some sentimental value for me because it has been a long time favorite of my Dad’s. He speaks quite highly of the crumpets in Seattle and as soon as I tried my first one as a child, I have felt much the same about this (might I say) hole in the wall. Crumpets are traditional English griddle cakes. They are like a mix of an English muffin and a pancake, but I can’t truly think of any adequate CrumpetShop 6.28 (4)description of these tasty treats.

The Crumpet Shop sells them in a variety of ways, which our family took advantage of, but regardless of the order, they all come toasted. Bradley ordered his plain with butter, which might sound boring, but is delicious in its simplicity. Our son chose butter with raspberry jam and our daughter selected butter with honey. Their sticky little fingerprints all over the backseat of our car were complete evidence of their devouring.

I went with a savory option of pesto, fresh tomato slices and grated parmesan cheese. It was divine. The warm toasty crumpet base was layered with fresh green vibrant pesto. The holes in the crumpet (air pockets; think toasted English muffin) made a perfect escape for the pesto to invade the cake itself. Next was cool tomato that created a pleasant temperature contrastCrumpetShop 6.28 (6). Topped with nutty parmesan, the whole thing was scrumptious from start to finish.

We also purchased a package of six to take with us to our destination. We successfully consumed 5 of them before the sixth one grew moldy after a week. Remember, they are made fresh and organic each day, so without preservatives, they don’t last long on the shelf. It hurt my heart a little to toss the last one, but lesson learned.

The Crumpet Shop is worth the stop and the parking meter. I WILL be back.

1503 1st Ave

Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 682-1598


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