Dear Local Radio Station

Dear Local Radio Station,

I fancy all kinds of music. I can be found tuning into most any genre of radio music, including the Jesus-Loving tunes that you play on your station. My spirit lifts when I hear lyrics nodding to the tender, sweet-wonder that is God and I appreciate the opportunity to listen to the music that feeds my spirit.

I am writing you today to let you know of a hiccup in my admiration of your station. I still hold much gratitude towards your mission and won’t likely stop tuning in, but I felt that it would be best for me to share my experience in case it might help your station flourish in any way.  It was the hot summer week of the county fair and you were broadcasting live from a booth there. You, like many radio stations, take moments away from music for a weather report, a witty DJ comment and sometimes to have guest speakers. You had some of the 4-H kids talk about their dedication towards those animals that they tend. You also hosted a political candidate who gave his best effort to attain your listeners’ vote. And this is where things became sticky.

The candidate shared a vision for this country that I don’t agree with. In fact, I strongly disagree with. Political eye-to-eyeness is not all that common in this world, but I rather routinely keep my opinion to myself. In fact, I’ve created quite a personal policy of quietness about such things. I sign the petitions I want to sign, I view the televised debates that I want to view and then I cast my ballot the way I wish. I am not unaware of the political standings in our society; I can very clearly see the demographical tendencies of various groups, including those who would likely be tuning into your music. Those people are my friends, my very brothers and sisters in the church that I love so dearly. And I think that you can also see the drawn lines, which is probably why you selected the candidate that you did. I don’t even remember who he is or what position he is trying for, all I know is that I don’t share his attitude toward the direction of this country.

I have found myself swimming upstream for quite a while now; as my political expressions developed I could see myself turning one direction while many (most) (perhaps all) of my faith-filled peers turned another. I hear little statements in church, thought to be agreed upon by some natural reasoning that just because we love the same God that we share the same views, I hear tidbits by friends who guess that I vote the way they vote, it isn’t just your station, I hear these assumptions quite frequently. They are certainly entitled to their opinion and my affection for them isn’t altered by their standpoint.  It doesn’t bother me; I enjoy the company of folks with views all along the spectrum. What does bother me, however, is being assumed; assumed that I would jump onboard with that particular candidate’s vision. It seemed as though I were assumed by you. Why else then would you broadcast him as a guest speaker? I am fairly certain that you didn’t broadcast a candidate from the opposing party just to offer balance to your listeners.

I thought that you might be interested in knowing that you almost lost a listener that day. Even if it would have been for the remainder of my trip home, you almost lost me. I don’t know if that matters to you, or if your listeners are so plentiful that one individual doesn’t really matter, but perhaps I’m not the only one. Perhaps there are others who love Jesus but don’t love the assumed political party. Regardless, I felt it possibly valuable to you, as a station aimed at uplifting, that at that one moment I felt downtrodden. I haven’t given up hope in you. And I certainly haven’t given up hope in the One whom I love above all others; I know that he loves all of us fish, even the ones who swim upstream.

Yours Truly



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