Hey hunting season! This wife’s just not loving you this year!

Its autumn and my husband’s beard is growing for warmth while he searches the forest for the elusive elk. I love the beard, but I’m just not loving the season this year.

Day One: Hubs leaves today, just in time for me to host 8 adults and several children alone. But its ok, you know, I’m not already exhausted from having something else every single night this week. At least the freshly made ginger cookies were a hit.

Day Two: Life seems good; maybe this won’t be such a big deal after all. 15 bean soup for dinner and homemade brownies for dessert. I’m looking forward to starting the weekend tomorrow because my amazing mother in-law, known as Nannie, is going to take the kids all day so that I can get caught up in chores and in rest. 8:45 pm…daughter wakes up crying.

Day Three: We’ve been awake since 11:00pm, it is nearing 2:00am and I’ve tried every home remedy for an ear ache that I can IMG_0772find online. She is completely miserable. As the day goes on I purchase a slew of products including an RX. (A thousand thanks to Opa the Doctor for seeing us through this!) Nannie ends up taking both of them once Little Sis is hopped up on eardrops and pink syrups. I buy fruit at Trader Joes and spend a few hours in the yard tackling the blasted pine needles.

Day Four: I never noticed how wonderfully-big the bed feels alone. I slept on both sides and in the middle. It’s a blue bird morning. Oh, except now she also has a fever.  One kid is playing football video games and the other is watching movies on the portable DVD player while stuck in bed. I bake an orange-blueberry loaf for breakfast.

Day Five: Up at 4:50am with still-ailing little girl, 102.1 now. I rub her tummy for an hour until she falls asleep. Using curlers in my hair in hopes that no one will notice how exhausted my face looks at school today. Nannie to the rescue while I work for fourIMG_0773 hours. Hubs gets a bull late this evening.

Day Six: I haven’t shaved my legs one time since he left. I have, however, eaten an insane amount of Trader Joes sauerkraut. I am fully contented in both of these things. Today is Veterans Day. Little Sis is mildly fevered but asked to be bundled up to watch the parade. Grocery store doughnuts to accompany our lunch. Is it seriously ONLY Tuesday?!

Day Seven: I forgot to wholly cover my garden/greenhouse, thus freezing all of my blooming pea plants solid. I literally, audibly apologized to them. Little Sis is still fevered, 99.8 now. The puke finally arrived, though I suspect it was more of a gag-reflex to the purple-flavored decongestant, which is still as gross as it was when I was a child. Midnight nosebleed. Watched Survivor alone after the kids went to bed.

Day Eight: Hubs called late last night to say that they were on their way home, 3 days early! 11:30pm he arrives just in time for the year’s first big snow storm. Little Sis’s fever broke yesterday and is finally well enough to return to school. (Even though we have at least 5 inches of fresh snow and I seriously think that it should have been cancelled. Couldn’t we all use a snow day every now and then?)

Somehow, just my husband returns, life is blanketed in the beautiful white powder and our daughter returns to health. I am IMG_0769strong and I made it through the week in pretty good shape, considering what was happening. I have learned this before, that I can take on a lot and handle it pretty well, but I am so grateful for my partner. My co-parent, my hunter, my husband.

A huge thank you to Nannie for tag-teaming every single day of this trialing week. You are the best! And without you, we might have starved, so thanks also for the meals!

A big thank you for my parents in Arizona, for your constant communication and concern while Little Sis was sick, and for your medical expertise to see us through. Thank you for your long-distance help!

The true irony of hunting season is that I don’t eat any mammal meat, haven’t in at least 15 years. (Except for The Great Elk-Pickle Eat-Off a few years ago which was a dare with my father-in-law. Even that was only a bite.) But this is what my husband loves, so he goes, and I am happy to see him accomplish what brings him such pleasure. That said, I am glad it is over until next season.


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