This year we forgo the turkey. The whole thing, actually.

This year we forgo the turkey.

We forgo the stuffing and the green bean casserole. The mashed up potatoes, cranberry sauce.

We won’t be indulging in pumpkin pie or whipped cream.

Our oven will be cold; our stovetop won’t be crowded with boiling pots and clanking spoons.

Instead we will be talking and laughing, catching up. Our moments will be spent in conversation-combinations of deep and silly. There will be no chiming timers, there will be, however, cheerful voices.

Modern KitchenThe idea wasn’t a novelty. It wasn’t a “Hey, I wonder what a turkey-less Thanksgiving would be like.” It was a modestly planned weekend as a family, which happened to work out best on the long holiday.  Six adults from two countries. Three children from two cities. One house, one meeting place, one simple gathering of family.

We will be eating tacos and mandarin oranges. We won’t make anything fancy; we will eat simply because for us Thanksgiving isn’t about a madhouse meal. It isn’t about wild children running around in a — “Hey! Calm down! This day is about cooking and impressing and not about you having the time of your life while all of the adults who would normally be somewhat watching over you are now completely occupied preparing a ridiculous and unnecessary meal!” This day will actually be about having the time of our lives in unassuming minutes of connection.

This year we forgo the turkey. We forgo the pressure. The craziness. The resentful and relentless need to impress and follow a social standard. I don’t know if this will be a new normal, it might just be a this-year thing. But for this year, this is the best and I can’t wait. In fact, I’ve never looked more forward to a Thanksgiving than I do to the one this year.

PS. We also forgo the black Friday that is now on Thursday. And I am A-OK with this too!



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