Rapunzel — Let Down Your Hair

Long HairThe time has come to tame my mane.

Am I ready to let it go? Yes and no. But yes more than no. I think. Here is a sampling of the thoughts that have been going through my head the last few months.

Pro for cutting it: Not fishing two foot long hair out of the sink, carpet, clothing, etc. Con for cutting it: It is literally the only part of my physical being that looks as good as it did before bearing babies. Pro: Pinterest hair styles that are impossible with super long and heavy hair. Con: Top knots are easy and happily ignored. Pro: I don’t want to be “that woman who had the long blonde hair for like 40 years strait”. Con: What if I regret it?6.24 (2)

But then there is the donation. The thought of helping somebody. I’ve donated my hair before, twice actually. This time I spent more time researching which organization to donate to and I am really excited about the one that I choose — Children with Hair Loss (CWHL). Since its opening in 2000, it has given custom hair replacements to over three hundred children, and never once charged any of them for their wigs. This is the kind of company that I want to help out. If my hair can contribute to the wellbeing of a child who can’t grow his/her own hair for whatever reason, than please sign me up! Furthermore, the company is clear about what their requirements are for hair donation, such as length specifications and (major bonus!) the fact that they will accept chemically treated hair if it is in good condition. (Sorry to disappoint all of you who thought that my hair was naturally sunlight blonde. I know, I’m fraudulent.)

So I made my appointment. I took a deep breath and went for it. The result? Its so breezy and free! It is just in time for the summer heat and I LOVE it! And, the best part, I get to package up my ponytail and send it off to a company that I know will use my tresses for the benefit of a little kid who just wants to fit in.haircut

For more information about CWHL, please visit http://www.childrenwithhairloss.us/ and consider donating your own hair. Its really not that hard; its not like they are asking for a kidney.

And now I’m off to search Pinterest for all of those hairstyles that I’ve been wanting to try…..but, like all of my Pinterest pins, probably never will. Really, who has the time to figure out a waterfall braid? And what’s with all of the bobbi pins?! They work just as well in my big hair as scotch tape works to repair the inside of a swimming pool.  But seriously, maybe some day.



  1. What a great use of those blonde tresses. Nice post. Thanks for the Picts…….personally I think you look better than before childbirth. But then I always think you look beautiful.

  2. Great pics Tracy. Looks wonderful. Don’t put yourself down as you would look great even without hair…..like me😏LOL

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