Howk’s Haunted Mansion; A Halloween Party

10.24 (25)We had our fourth annual Halloween Party last weekend. My parents had a big bash every year and so I’ve carried on that tradition with my own family. It is a fun party and we are honored to have such great friends to come over and party with us.

To begin with, we make our costumes. This is usually a family decision since we like to coordinate. 10.24 (89)This year we were the Flintstones, Fred & Wilma along with Pepples and Bamm Bamm. (I don’t put my kids on the blog, but let me just tell you that they were pretty adorable!) My husband and I are a great team in costume making. I come up with the concept, he figures out how much material we need and how to construct them, and then I sew them all.

10.24 (84)The invitations go out at least two weeks in advance, but three is even better since time is needed for our friends to come up with costumes for themselves. Our friends sometimes come dress to the nines, and sometimes come in simple busy-lives costumes, but we don’t care what they come dressed in, we are just happy to have them come play with us.10.24 (27)

The party is at dinnertime, but through the years I’ve found that serving large quantities and varieties of appetizers and sweets is much simpler than a complete meal. 10.24 (2)This year I served some turkey and cheese sliders, apple nachos, chips and salsa, a veggie tray, and some yummy and naughty sweet puppy chow. 10.24 (20)And of course we have our classic cocktails, beer, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

10.24 (95)Part of a great party is the ambiance. I am not a professional party planner and there are many hostesses who are far more accomplished at party planning than me, but I can assure you that a good ambiance sets the mood perfectly for the right vibes at a party. Because of this, when our guests arrive we have our Halloween playlist playing. It includes funny Monster Mash type music juxtaposed with more Psycho Killer tunes. 10.24 (97)We also spend some time decorating the parts of the house that will be used during the party. After four years I’ve got this pretty much dialed into a nice compromise between minimalistic and over the top. I’m not interested in throwing my entire life into party planning, but I also aim to please and so a good bit of decorating is worthwhile. This is easy with cheap Halloween skeletons and spider webbing.10.24 (71)

Then comes entertainment. We come up with games for the adults, since the kids at this age range are pretty much happy to have their own time playing Nerf football in the bonus room. 10.24 (108)In years past we’ve played Minute to Win It games, which were always fun and fully entertaining, but this year we changed it up. Parties need to be changed up from time to time to keep them fresh, for both the hosts and guests. This year we decided on charades, which involved us making all of our own categories and lists. 10.24 (66)We played two rounds, with some drink refills and family photographs in between rounds. It was great fun. Everyone was a great sport and many laughs were had.

After the adults had their time with charades, the kids took it upon themselves to entertain the adults with their own round of spontaneous charades. They came up with some pretty good material, especially once Gru from Despicable Me helped them.

For a fourth annual party, it was a good time to switch some things up. 10.24 (8)But the best parts remained; good friends coming together for a good time. If you’ve ever thought about doing a costume party of your own, you should. It would be fun for you and all of your guests. Its a good way to take a fun holiday and use it as an excuse to have a party. Happy Halloween!


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  1. Looks like the Halloween party was another success – your imagination astounds me….good for you…and the kis were darling.

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