Dear 2015: A Letter From the Future

Dear 2015,

I’ve been looking back at you from some years ahead and I noticed a few things to mention, perhaps for a good laugh, perhaps so that you don’t make the same mistakes twice. Either way, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you, here in the future.

1. You didn’t think so at the time, but 2015 was the good old days. Things have changed mightily here in the future, both for good and for bad.

2. You can be thankful that the following three things are now absent. a. Ring-fingernail-only fingernail polish. b. Quarter-shaved heads. c. The obsession with those dark-haired sisters. Nobody is Keeping Up with any of these things anymore.

3. Your house will either be 100 or 7,000 square feet. There is no in between. Kind of like politics and almost everything else.

4.  Just eat what makes your body feel vibrant. This has worked for thousands of years.

5. Everyone called each other “friend” in 2015. Its good to have friends, but its also valuable to save a special title for those who truly stick nearby.

6. The emoji: complete craziness. Like there aren’t enough words in the English language to communicate without little cartoon icons.

7. The iphone 234 is all the rage. You should totally get one.

8.  Print your photographs. Frame them. Display them. Digital photography was a bad idea from the start.

9.  Remember the notion of futuristic flying cars? Still not happening.

10. All this talk about undoing the internet and returning to petroglyphs? I’m not so sure its a bad idea after all.

11. Pets, as it turns out, really are people too

12. Relationships are still worth working for. In fact, relationships are almost the only thing worth working for. (Besides money, that’s still important too.)

13. #theblastedhashtag #itsapoundsign #socialmediaissolastdecade

14. If you were born last millennium you are automatically old, which is cool because old is the new young. Kind of like head-to-toe tattooing is the new black.

15. Most of all, remember to keep your eyes on the sky. That sweet fine day will come. Some day, some time.

See you before you know it!


Years Beyond


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