Reasons My Blog Sits Vacant

Hi Guys,

Don’t you just love summer?! Its the time of year that I feel most alive; most active and happy.

I don’t however, love having my blog sit empty for months at a time. Every hit I see on my site with nothing new to read, I feel two things: Appreciative (thanks SO much for reading!) and Guilty. So I thought I should give up some answers for the crickets.

Here’s the thing. I love writing. It fills a piece of me that nothing else can. Blogging gives me an outlet for this longing and I love blogging for this reason. But also: I love living. More than writing. And so sometimes I chose to just go out there and live, which means simultaneously forsaking the blog. By living I mean…

  • Camping. With friends, parents, ourselves. Whoever and wherever. Just living in the wilderness far, far away from my laptop.
  • Traveling. Most recently to British Columbia and Shasta Lake. Who has time to blog when there are conversations to be had?
  • Reading! So far this summer I’ve engaged myself in the Catcher in the Rye, Girl with the Pearl Earring, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. All new to me and all now highly recommended by me. I gave up on Virginia Wolfe’s A Room of One’s Own. I just couldn’t choke it down.
  • Writing. Yes, I know these are reasons why I’m not blogging, but writing is a whole different thing. I am writing, just not blog posts. What I am writing will be revealed to our awesome friends sometime in February in the form of an invitation with the words ‘Murder Mystery’!

There’s one more important thing for me to add here. Blogging is not my career and it is not my upmost hobby either. Good bloggers write frequently to keep their readers engaged. By several accounts I am far from a good blogger. And yet, I find something really freeing about only writing when I have something valuable enough to write about. I don’t throw random shallow-water posts into the internet wind just to fill word quotas. (I’m not naming names, Yahoo News.) I don’t have to do this because I am not controlled by any bosses or sponsors. So I save my space for things that mean something to me. Sometimes I have to save up a few thoughts and let them develop before I project them out there into the big wide unknown.

So thanks guys. Thanks for being patient when you click on drippingorange only to find the same post from a month ago. If you can, just look through your screen and imagine me out there doing whatever I love and know that my happy place is often away from my own screen. I’ll get you something new to read. At some point. In the meantime, I hope you’ll join me in living. What do you say we go camping?! Or gardening? I’ve got some pests on my chard that I don’t know what to about.

Loving summer,




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