Red, White, and Spooked



dsc_0001Its that season again. Election Season.
What better way to celebrate than to have a Halloween Party? I decided to use the Big Election as a launching point for my 5th annual invitation, but the party itself was not politically themed because I wanted people to show up.

Show up they did! In their costumed best. I adore our friends for donning costumes and smiles to our party every year. I know that some of them would rather sip their gin and tonic in the comfort of sweats on their own couch, but they come and socialize and fain interest for the sake of the party.10-22-17

Speaking of gin and tonic, it seems to be my belief that cocktails add to the atmosphere and also to the ease of the guests wearing scratchy materials. I also feel that easy does it and so I employ my bar tendering husband to serve up simple and classic combinations. We also had hard cider and plain sodas for those seeking something mild.

The food! (But first a disclosure on the photo featured here: I took this picture before all of the food was displayed and then I decided not to take another picture when it was complete because I was enjoying the party instead.) 10-22-13I’ve discovered that Halloween themed hotdog mummies and Jack-O’-Lantern mandarins are just too fussy for my style. I used to spend days making clever Pinterest food but now, nope. Instead I stick with what works and what people will eat. Still using my go-to recipe source, I decided on these turkey and cheese sliders because they can be made ahead of time, candy corn puppy chow , which is always snatched up in a hurry (and I secretly save a bowl of it for our family for the next day), and this last minute caramel apple cream cheese spread, OMG I’m so glad I did! I also put out Hood River made Juanita’s tortilla chips, a big veggie platter, and some olives, pickles and pepperoncinis.

dsc_0002The kids. Oh boy! Er, boys! Lots and lots of boys. Somehow, back in the mid 2000s, while my husband and I produced a replacement for each of us in the form of a boy and a girl, all of our friends produced two boys (God love ’em, I know we do!) This equates craziness and a high potential for broken limbs. Admittedly, last year the kids got a bit out of hand and the disaster remaining after the party tainted the memory of it somewhat for me. I LOVE hosting but I also insist on harmony in my home and family. So my husband and I agreed that the situation surrounding the kids had to be addressed in advance and we added a blurb about it in the invitation. This caused some raised eyebrows and persuasion of attendance again this year, but it was so worth it! The kids were phenomenal and had a better time this year too because everybody was under control and enjoying themselves peacefully.

10-22-25We let the election season carry on in the form on a vote for the game that we played. It was a landslide for Minute to Win it and so the others conceded their candidacies and offered a peaceful transfer of power. Some may say that this was rigged, but I have the votes to prove it if you want to see them.

If you’re ever in the need for a fun and easy way to entertain, look up Minute to Win It games  and you’ll find endless options. Basically, players are given a single minute to complete a practically impossible task and in return it offers lots of laughs and lasting material to embarrass your friends for years to come. A brief sampling…10-22-59

Bite Me







Go the Distance







Spoon Frog

In the end the party was a resounding success (if I do say so myself) and all patrons left at the end of the night with smiles on their faces. Thus fulfilling my promise that it will be better than anything that happens on Election Day.

Happy Halloween!


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