As Long As We Both Shall Live

 For our fifteenth anniversary:

I, Tracy12-16-10-36

take you Bradley,6-27-14

for my lawfully wedded husband.dsc_0192

To havedsc_0199

and to hold6-18-32

from this day forward.dsc_0190

For better,10-28 Howk (121)

and for worse.8-30-5

For richer,12-12-10-4

and for poorer.2-26-27

In sickness1-15-6

and in health.img_1240

To loveimg_3658

and to cherish.8-30-3

As long as we both shall live.6-7-38

My Bradley,

Its been fifteen years now, in your arms. You are my swooning, my life worth living. Your smile is my smile and your tears have been shared in my eyes. From our togetherness comes strength of mind and of character. Your love is my fortune. Our laughter is apparent and my adoration is evident. We love only from a love first given, a love above all else. You are here, so am I, isn’t it a beautiful life?

Yours forever, Babe

PS. I loved that bleached blonde fresh-from-Australia hair back when we were 20. But damn mister, I really must say, the older you get, the finer you become. We’ve had a lot of better and some devastating worse, a lot of wonderful health and our fair share of sick. I chose to keep the rawest photos to ourselves, because we know what they looked like and how we loved each other through them. Happy anniversary hot stuff; its been a pleasure getting to know you.

One more, just for fun…(and because it has the best pet that ever lived.)dsc_0197



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