Howkstreet Discotheque

img_4250-1Clyde and Cynthia Howkstreet opened up their nightclub to a VIP guest list featuring world famous disco DJs, musicians, producers, and a variety of other celebrities who would be the first to find out which new disco musician would be awarded an all inclusive label with Flipfar Records. Even the gentlemen arrived in their finest disco dancing attire.dsc_0278Howkstreet guests were treated to a signature cocktail list and the best disco hits on the airways. Howkstreet features two light up floors to encourage dancing and as the beats were jiving and the drinks were flowing, there were soon tapping toes and swinging hips.dsc_0234 Even Clyde and Cynthia stepped away from their rigorous business responsibilities to groove with the music. Cynthia can’t resist Clyde’s Italian leather pants.image-1 The burgers were grilling when all of the sudden, the evening took a shocking turn for the worse. The murderer was inside among the guests! No one was allowed to leave until the criminal had been apprehended. Guests were asked to help investigate.dsc_0205 Some guests were distraught by the murder and were obvious in their emotions about how terrible it was. These two were quite upset over the death of a friend and comrade of the scene, but lightened up some for the photograph. dsc_0227However, some people were curiously shallow and only concerned with getting the disco music pumping again. What kind of people don’t care if a heinous crime happened just outside the door? Sketchy people. dsc_0260The crime scene took some time to secure, so guests were given the opportunity to carry on with the evening as desired. Howkstreet’s number one focus has always been costumer service, so they did whatever they could to make their guests happy. Coincidently, there happened to be limbo in the guest lounge just waiting to happen. dsc_0244Intermittent with limbo was a spontaneous BeeGee soul train and freestyle dance party. Some guests only pretended to enjoy themselves, when in fact, they were doing their best to gather information about who the criminal could be. Others were just trying to figure out how they ended up at Howkstreet at all, when just that morning, they had planned on a pleasant evening at home. These people are our new best friends because, right?!dsc_0262As the evening wore on, guests were asked to reconvene. Howkstreet staff used the opportunity to snap a quick photo. Clyde and Cynthia knew that talking about murder was unpleasant for some, so they offered ice cream cones to smooth the uncomfortableness that some guests were experiencing. Everyone was soon ready to say who they thought the murderer was and why he or she committed the crime. dsc_0273There were many speculations and alibis but in the end, the electric chair will be warmed up for only one murderer.dsc_0224Guests were allowed to return to their homes, with memories of disco and disaster. As for Howkstreet Discotheque, they will keep their doors open and their beats jiving. Clearly they are the best at what they do and everyone loves partying with them. dsc_0257A big thank you to everyone who attended. It is an honor to have you gather costuming and arrange child care to come hang out with us and my murder mystery writing shenanigans. You disco dancers add such flavor to our lives and we appreciate you making these parties into something that we treasure. You’re the best! Catch you on the flip side.dsc_0228PS. If you want to make a party writer happy, send an RSVP like this in the mail. It will make her day and you’ll be invited to her parties forevermore.  dsc_0191







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