What I learned at school this year.

Another school year is coming to a close. (FINALLY! Thanks to snow days, we had an added extra week and I was fairly convinced that the school year would end precisely when the next school year was beginning.) This was my third year working for the local school district as an Educational Assistant. Here is a list of the things I learned at school this year.

  1. In order to effectively communicate with fellow staff members, one must master the art of drive-by conversations. I’m heading here, you’re heading there, so we have approximately 10 seconds of passing time to outline our plan for the rest of the day. Also, by the way, my coworkers are the very best, as evidenced by the photo below. 14915668_10211282201915234_8405853642645992573_n
  2. Kids are blissfully unaware of winter and painfully aware of summer. Three feet of snow? Heck yes! Let’s slide down this snowplowed slope in our jeans, which will remain wet for the rest of day. But who cares? Its fun and we’re kids. Ninety degrees? We are wilting and incapable of doing anything other than sitting in the shade. I guess this is a Bend thing, because lets face it, its winter here like most of the time.IMG_4683
  3. Kids can get excited about pretty much anything that their teacher is excited about. True, I’m not a certified teacher, so I am using this word loosely. We can take the word ‘bones’ from the lesson map and have a fascinating conversation about how many bones are in the human body. We can randomly select a book about honey bees and discover a whole world about how bees dance to communicate with each other. My little three years worth of experience has lead me to believe that the vast majority of kids are eager to learn when their teacher is excited to learn alongside them.
  4. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell a first grader that “cutted” isn’t really a proper word, they will incessantly use it after their classmate “cutted” them in line. The word “cutted” is best used with the accompaniment of tears, because who likes to be “cutted” in line anyway?!
  5. It is still cool to chase each eachother on the playground. They stole this one straight out of the Dry Hollow Elementary playbook, where I grew up. Wall-ball and jumprope are also both also still very much in fashion. Insider tip: joining in on recess games makes recess duty WAY more fun.


    Occasionally I get sweet notes from students. This is from one of my favorite students, my ‘dotre’ G. (My 2nd grade daughter, Gracie.)

  6. When there is an opportunity to participate in a staff event, participate. You just might end up getting free ukulele lessons from the insanely talented music teacher and then perform Beatles music for the whole school.
  7. Similarly, when there is a staff party, attend. Because you might be lucky enough to witness your coworkers dancing the night away (and I mean DANCING!) in the midst of onlookers in their mid 20s. Their inquisitive glances indicated that they either thought that the dance moves where on fire, or shocked that those people were up past 11:00pm. Honestly, I was shocked that we were up past 11:00pm. Midnight, to be exact.
  8.  When there is a risk to take, take it. After three years of temporary employment, I took a risk in applying for the Media Manager position when it unexpectedly became available. (Basically this is the library teacher, or librarian.) Did I ever plan on ever trying for a role like this? No. But I had to take the risk, thinking that the outcome might be worth it. And guess what? I got the job! So effective very soon, I shall commandeer an elementary library, where the world of knowledge is unleashed. Can you imagine a job better than fostering curiosity in young minds? Me neither!IMG_4682
  9. Band Aids most likely won’t help with the removal of pain. But to a first grader, they do. So just give them a Band Aid.
  10. Never think that any two school years will be the same. Likewise, never think that any two students will be the same. Truthfully, it is our outlandish privilege to be entrusted with the care of our students every day. We get to watch out for, look after, teach, care for, wonder with, and smile upon the very light of somebody’s life, day after day. And after a year, they so easily become our light too. There is no better place to be, no better gig to get.

So with that. HELLO summer! What do you say we get this party started?!

(As in, what do you say we get into that library and get some paper onto those bulletin boards?! Help, anyone?)

Post Script: My biggest congratulations to my friend and kindergarten teacher extraordinaire Missy! After years of hard work, she completed her masters degree this week. I can assure you that there will be many thoughts from C building heading directly to your E1 next year. We were an awesome team and you are simply the best!



  1. Oh, Tracy! I am so excited for you and your new adventure as media manager. I know you will be amazing! At the same time, I’m mourning the loss of your presence in our classroom next year. I am going to be so sad without your smile, your humor, your friendship, your ideas, and just the way we share the kids and all the funny things that happen in our room. I know that you will not be far away, and for that I’m grateful. I want to keep you all to myself, but I know that the rest of the school needs you and deserves you. Now every student and every teacher gets to experience the gift that I have been given these past two years. How lucky Juniper Elementary School is!!!!!!

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