That’s A Wrap.

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That’s a wrap. In more than one way.

My blog has been crickets because it’s  been a big year in the world of Tracy-Careerdum, but I can’t forgo my traditional end-of-the-school-year blog post, so here we go.



As an OSU student I dreamed of working for the ODFW observing wildlife in the fields and forests of Oregon, but I never imagined myself as an elementary school media manager. Although I still dream of the wildlife (though perhaps more as a park ranger: here’s looking at you Death Valley National Park) I must admit that I found my calling for the here-and-now.



Teaching kids about the endless awesomeness of a school library is an pretty sweet gig. If I sparked any kind of curiosity, love of learning, or lasting intrigue in a young student this year, I consider myself a success. It has been a great year in my professional life.



Some of the positives have been:

  1. An exponentially increased familiarity with the dewey decimal system.
  2. Quad muscles from shelving and reshelving thousands of books. (Endless gratitude to the volunteers who took over this part of the job. My quads are worse for it, but my sanity benefited greatly!)
  3. Going out to dinner like a celebrity. I see 510 kids every week and I undoubtedly run into at least one of them every time I go anywhere. It is my honor that they get excited to see me!
  4. I miss  E building from years past (aside from the waiting line at the staff bathroom) but I adore C building. It is home now. I’ve got the constant laughter coming from the fourth grade teacher-team on one side of the building, and the juxtaposition of the coolest storylines ever and the you’re-getting-older-now-let’s-get-it-together pep talks coming from the fifth grade side. C building is where its at!
  5. I have read SO MANY BOOKS this year! Picture books and chapter books alike. There is some amazing children’s literature and I am just scraping the surface. My self imposed summer list is going to be awesome! My year at school has been incredible!


And yet.

My son. My neighbor Noah, who has been right across the hall from me all year. He shortcuts through the library whenever he goes to the other end of the building and we both love our driveby hellos. He’s my pal. This guy is the most naturally cheerful person I know. He has an innocence that brings me such joy and also such concern. Because: Middle School. Next year.

Why am I so worried? I have no reason to think that he will be anything less than fabulous and yet I worry. Those of you who have gone before have told me your horror stories; your “my kid was awesome until middle school ruined him” stories. I refuse to be a fear based parent, so I am moving ahead in optimism, but the unknown is kind of getting me down.

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So I have this ‘Yay its the end of the year!’ and also this ‘One step closer to the unknown’ vibe competing for space in my head. I think summer break will do me well. Freedom in sunshine to sort thoughts, read a lot, spend time with my blonde haired incoming sixth grader and my beautiful ballerina who will be sharing a building with me at school next year, down with the hilarious fourth grade teachers.

Perhaps this post isn’t as cheeky as years past, but it’s me right now and I refuse to deny sincerity. Although I might be out of my own (too often) wordiness I have found words in others that I think work perfectly well for this season.

For my boy. From A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle.

“‘Time to move,’ said Hermit Crab one day in January. ‘I’ve grown too big for this little shell.’ He felt safe and snug in his shell. But now it was too snug. Hermit Crab stepped out of his shell and onto the floor of the ocean.”

My darling son. You are so ready to step out. You know it, I know it. I’ll catch up to believing it too.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 11.46.45 PM


For me. A combined quote by Kate Spade and her father, Frank Brosnahan, which I recently read upon the designer’s tragic death. 

“Just float.” “Not every little pebble is a boulder.”

So I’m choosing to float. Through summer and into the new season.



I hope you’ll be floating through summer too. And if you have a positive middle school experience to share, I’d be most happy to hear it.





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