Murder Mystery: Howkustus Residence

DSC_0101On a cold Saturday in February, during the first year of the reign of Cesar, the Howkustus Residence hosted a festive evening.

The event started with attendees arriving in their finest togas. Although the notion of this distinctive garment might seem uncomfortable to those in a later era, those of us living in the final decades of this period, find our wardrobe choices quite satisfying and appropriate.


The guest list consisted of friendly locals, including the butcher, a hunter-turned-chariot driver, sisters who work tirelessly to sheer and milk their sheep, and even the widely disliked tax collector and his wife, whom the Howkustus family hopes will be looked kindly upon despite their employment choices, the public bathing house operators, and of course the neighboring vineyard owners, their grown children and mates.


As with any good celebration, there was food and drink. Drink, which is some circumstances, aided those who felt their toga was a bit, shall we say, disagreeable. The menu included a plethora of cheeses, flat breads and crackers, dried fruits, and meats.


Upon consuming the meal, a unsettling discovery was made. A murder had been committed and the municipal guards were in pursuit of the perpetrator. They had narrowed their quest to the Howkustus Residence, upon which all the guests turned their suspicions to one another.


As guests used their minutes gathering clues and making guesses about who could’ve committed such a crime, Octavian and Antonia Howkustus continued to serve beverages and a variety of chocolates and choice fruits for an evening treat. The Howkustus Residence highly values these friendships and prioritizes their comfort, even in the midst of such turmoil.


The findings were disappointing. One never benefits from the betrayal of a friend. Into exile they shall go.

Certainly the Howkustus Residence and surrounding community will continue to thrive. Lives will carry on, olives will grow, wine will be consumed, and party goers will continue to pose for pictures only to be seen again on the world wide web.


Much love and many thanks who came, wore hideously uncomfortable clothing, (though some of you seriously ROCKED it!) and spent your evening with us. We adore you and can’t wait to show what is in store next year.

Dedicated to Tonto. Rest in peace.


One comment

  1. Looks like another great time was had at the home of Howkustus! I think that home can be found on the Appian Way just outside the gates of the seven hills of Roma. Beware to those who enter – especially on the Ides of March!

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